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Babushka Natasha's Party Favors
Babushka Natasha's Party Favors

Do It Yourself. Creative. Made to Paint.


Paint Your Own Party Favors!

Babushka Natasha's Party Favors, based in Brooklyn, NY, has the children's party favors that you've been looking for!

About Babushka Natasha

Babushka Natasha came to Brooklyn, NY from the Ukraine in 1993. She brought with her a love for handmade crafts and beautiful art. "Babushka" means "grandmother" in Russian. She especially embraces the name Babushka Natasha because her grandchildren are the reason she began making her paint-it-yourself figurines. She began hand-making the ceramic figurines so that her grandchildren could enjoy the crafts that she had loved as a child. Her hobby soon turned into a full-time occupation as friends and neighbors began to request figurines.

Why Paint-It-Yourself Party Favors?

In today's technological age, it can be hard for kids to understand the value of hand-crafted work and Babushka Natasha's party favors give kids the chance to do just that. Not only will your children love painting and personalizing the figurines from some of their favorite movies, but they can also bond with their friends as they work together on their projects. If you have any questions about our fantastic party favors, contact us today!

About the Party Favors

Babushka Natasha ships each party favor set as a complete package that includes a variety of paints, a brush, a figurine, decorative paper to protect the figurine, neatly arranged in a cellophane bag. Her complete packages ensure that you can avoid that last minute run to the store, minutes before your child's party, as you hunt for paints or the perfect brushes.

Babushka Natasha has an extensive range of paint-it-yourself party favors that your kids, their friends, and their friends' parents will all love! She offers over 150 types of figurines in her party favor packages, including:
  • Star Wars
  • Lego characters
  • Butterflies
  • Pokemon
  • Finding Nemo
  • Finding Dory
  • Transformers
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Trolls
  • And many more!

To see all of Babushka Natasha's excellent party favor options, visit our store!